Drupal Composer Making Drupal work with Composer

in Drupal Group

Drupal Packagist

On groups.drupal.org/composer general communication takes place. It is good starting point for checking out the current progress.

on drupal.org

Drupal Packagist

The former Drupal Packagist has deprecated. It is now replaced by the official composer repository packages.drupal.org

Source Code
on Github

Drupal Packagist

We are hosting the source code for Drupal Packagist and some other components on github.com/drupal-composer. Feel free to join the projects, file issues and send pull requests.

Getting Started

For a kickstart in setting up a composer based Drupal project, have a look at drupal-composer/drupal-project on github.

Drupal Projects

There are already some drupal projects available dealing with different aspects of Composer in Drupal.